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Water Slides

water splash

Riptide Racers

Race again and again on this 3-lane water slide for head-to-head competition with friends. Watch out! The gut wrenching bump may catch you off guard but is just the thing you need to propel you to the very end.

  • Minimum Height – 40 inches
  • Thrill Level – 3/5

Wipe Out

Grab a tube and a friend for an experience that combines extreme thrills, speed and H2O. Try not to wipe out as you take a steep drop only to propel up a near-vertical wall, traveling nearly 20 miles per hour, for a moment of weightlessness. Hold on tight, this slide is the ultimate!

  • Minimum Height – 42 Inches
  • Thrill Level – 4/5

Tubular Twist

The four twists and turns of this enclosed slide will get your heart thumping. You will reach speeds of more than 13 miles per hour, ending in a giant full twist.

  • Minimum Height – 42 inches
  • Thrill Level – 4/5

Whirlpool Winder

Get your swirl on as you travel at high speeds, through an enclosed slide and are launched into a giant whirlpool bowl. From there, the centrifugal force keeps you hugging the side as you wind around the bowl before sliding and splashing to the end.

  • Minimum Height – 48 inches
  • Thrill Level – 4/5

Parrot Plummet

Take the path of a speeding parrot, circling the shore below. You will dip toward the earth sliding almost 23 miles per hour in a series of epic turns.

  • Minimum Height – 40 inches
  • Thrill Level – 3/5

Pelican Plunge

This triple turn 35-foot long slide mimics the flight pattern of an ocean pelican; dropping fast and flying freely before landing in the water below.

  • Minimum Height – 40 inches
  • Thrill Level – 2/5