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Map Route Details

Vendor Zones:

  • Field to the right of Magistrate Court Parking Lot in Field
  • Field to the left of Karl Drive at end of property

Parade Participant Zones:

  • Staging: CGTC Parking Lots (details will be given out at Mandatory Safety Meeting)
    • Childcare Center for parade participant drop off parking (not for parade spectator parking)
  • Disembarking: Rigby’s Parking Lots (details will be given out at Mandatory Safety Meeting)
    • Areas will be set up for floats to allow riders to exit from float safely
    • Band, ROTC, etc. bus parking
  • Disembarking: Carpet Store
    • Area for Shriners & Leased Floats to be loaded up

Spectator Parking:

  • Fields surrounding Rigby’s
  • Fields along Cohen Walker Drive
  • Left side of Rigby’s Paved Parking Lot
  • HCHS – Track/Softball/Baseball Parking Areas
  • Front & back of HCHS
  • Tennis Courts
  • Perdue Primary & Elementary
  • CGSA
  • Department of Labor
  • Human Resources
  • The Cancer Center
  • CGTC Health Sciences Building

Handicap Parking:

  • Front of Health Department parking lot

No Parking Areas:

  • Freedom Field
  • Right side of Rigby’s Paved Parking Lot (reserved for guests & holiday parties)

Media/Judges Area:

  • End of Perdue Elementary Field, on the left of the “Bus Only” entry
  • Parking available at Magistrate Court

Road Closures

  • 1:30pm-6:00pm* – Warner Robins Police Department will be monitoring traffic
  • 3:40pm-6:00pm* – Cohen Walker Drive will close

*Road closures will be in effect through the course of the Parade. End times may be affected by Parade flow and traffic.

Other Reminders:

  • Once the parade is over, both Karl Drive & Lake Joy Road will be right turn only
  • At the end of the parade, street legal parade unit vehicles with no need to disembark (unload riders) will drive straight out of Cohen Walker and take a right on Lake Joy Road
  • White Columns Neighborhood entry on Cohen Walker will be closed during the parade
  • Any access roads that cross over Cohen Walker will be closed to cross traffic
  • Karl Drive after the Lenox Point Apartment & Rigby’s entrance will be closed during the parade


Staging Map