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Non-commercial parade units have NO business affiliation.  If your unit has a business affiliation please register as a commercial unit by selecting this link.


All parade applicants must complete the application process AND payment process to be confirmed.

Credit card payment is required to complete the registration. If you need to pay with cash or check, you will still use our online system to register your unit via the “Registration Application” link then an official payment must be received ON or BEFORE the deadline for your registration to be confirmed.

Regular Pricing:

Non-Commercial – $75

Military, Veteran, & Schools – FREE

Step 1: Complete Registration Application (Register your parade unit)

Step 1: Registration Application

Step 2: Complete Payment (Military, Veteran, & Schools are FREE)

Step 2: Payment

Step 3: Read the Parade Rules & Regulations

Step 4: Attend a MANDATORY Safety Briefing (Dates/Times TBA)


  • Complete your registration application BEFORE processing your payment
  • Use the same unit name & contact information for both steps
  • If you will be participating in the Centerville parade, please contact us so we can position your unit at the front of our parade


  • Each group/float registrant is responsible for their own float(s) & vehicle(s), they will not be provided/decorated for you.
  • Contact Kip Dingler “The South’s Largest Parade Float Producer and Decorating Service” to lease a float!


Print & Download: Parade Rules & Regulations